Calm Mind, Vibrant Life Inner Circle

An online learning community ideal for those who want to understand more about the mind, health and well-being to achieve a more fulfilling life. All for an affordable monthly fee

The Inner Circle is a place where you can

  • Learn how to calm your stressed and busy mind with a variety of techniques and a monthly meditation session
  • Understand and explore the intricate relationship between mind and body and how to achieve optimum health and success in life
  • Gain strength and resilience to face whatever life serves up.

Everything in the Inner Circle is designed to help you on your personal Success Journey to a Calm Mind and more Vibrant Life, whatever that means to you.

Your Success Journey will take you through enlightening and essential modules of learning and exploration, taking a deep dive into how your life is working for you right now and supporting you through incremental changes to how you think and how you run your life.

Each month you’ll get a brand new Masterclass, supported by materials you can explore at your own pace.

In the dedicated Facebook community you’ll have the chance to get questions answered and to meet the other amazing women going through the Success Journey with you.

There is also a monthly opportunity to relax and leave the stresses of the day behind you.

The Terms and Conditions can be viewed here: Calm Mind, Vibrant Life T&Cs

What Will You Get?

inner circle

Want to know more?

If you are not sure whether to go ahead with coaching or to join the Calm Mind, Vibrant Life community, get in touch.

Step 1

Book in for an Exploratory Call. We’ll have a chat to see how best we can meet your needs. No pressure, just exploring at this stage.

Step 2

Once you have made a decision you’ll soon be on your way to a calm, confident and more vibrant future!