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I can point you back to feeling calm, CONFIDENT AND OPTIMISTIC for life, whatever is going on for you!

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If you’re here to explore options to feel more confident and less stressed, maybe you’re wondering how you got into the situation you are in or you want to achieve a particular goal that’s creating pressure, you are definitely in the right place.

We are designed perfectly to cope with every feeling we can ever experience, but sometimes it seems like the pressure has built up and it starts restricting or limiting our enjoyment of life, maybe affecting our relationships or success at work.  It’s time for action!

The great news is that we can all have the freedom of feeling calm, confident and optimistic whatever is going on. It’s our natural state to feel good when our thinking isn’t taking us away from it.

Whats more,  it can be easier to get back to feeling great than you may think!


When life doesn’t feel great…

When we are struggling we often try to take more control of everything in our life to avoid the possibility of anything going wrong. But that rarely works out and adds more pressure by increasing our list of things to do – exhausting!

We may also try to control other people and that doesn’t work either.

We might ‘play it small’ to avoid potentially stressful situations or avoid people we find challenging. This also isn’t helpful if we want to enjoy a successful and enjoyable life.

Then there’s perfectionism and procrastination. Both holding us back from the risk of exposure.

It’s time to get help because these solutions are not the answer.

I can help you discover a very different solution based on a simple but profound understanding of how our experience of life is created. The question is, are you ready to feel better and to have a better life?


A better life

Imagine loving your life, feeling at ease, more energised and able to cope with whatever comes your way. 

What would that mean to you?

  • Would you say yes to more opportunities?
  • Would you pursue dreams of changing career, going for promotion or building a business?
  • Truly relax and enjoy doing fun and adventurous things?
  • Start to love and live your life again, rather than it feeling like it’s hard work?
  • Let people get closer and have better intimate relationships?

What could you say ‘YES’ to if you knew you could handle anything that comes up calmly and confidently?

You can get this emotional freedom and it’s simpler than you could imagine. It’s not a fancy new technique or strategy, not something to study and apply.  It’s an understanding that changes everything!

It’s time for us to talk.


Targeting how you feel to get
rapid results

Services for Foster Carers

A transformative programme supporting the emotional well-being of carers

Corporate Training & Workshops

For work teams or groups to address issues affecting confidence, resilience, team dynamics or performance

Calm Mind, Vibrant Life

An online membership and learning community to understand more about the mind, body and emotional well-being. Monthly group sessions included. 

I’m proof that this really works!

I had a high powered, exciting role in a corporate setting that was my dream role, or so I thought until the pressure built up and I ended up permanently on high alert and experiencing my first ever panic attacks. You can find out more about my journey under my ‘About ‘page.

As I recovered from burnout I came across a new and simple approach to psychology that really changed things for me. In an instant I quit the non-stop feeling of anxiety and agitation that felt so familiar. It was life-changing! At last I could relax, love fully and laugh again, instead of being caught up in stress.

Now when I share this simple understanding with my clients it’s wonderful to see the weight lifting from their shoulders and they start loving life again.

We are here for an amazing experience of life, not just for hard work and stress and this is the fastest most powerful way I’ve ever come across to get to this.

If you are ready then I’m ready to support you to get back to your own version of Calm and Confident.

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