I’m Linda Wood

Coaching you to feel Calm and Confident again

My Values & Beliefs


Integrity underpins how I approach all things. It’s about being authentic, honest, open and delivering value. Fairness has always been top of my agenda. Oh, and I say it like it is – no pretence!


To me this comes from feeling secure and comfortable in our own skin. Free from doubt in ourself, free from emotional constraint and able to have fun. It is also about choices, independence and creativity.


I love learning and exploring new things and continue to challenge and develop my understanding and knowledge. I want to bring aspects from all I know into coaching conversations to benefit those I work with.

My Story

My ‘story’ starts with me in a fantastic job, as a senior leader in a large organisation. The role was everything I wanted, exciting, using my strengths and knowledge drawn from over 25 years of experience working across many disciplines.

I lived away from home during the week which was exciting initially and I felt really independent and positive about it all…. but then things started to change and I felt that maybe I’d gone too far. I didn’t feel right. 

It wasn’t just work-related. I felt guilty not being at home to support my teenagers going through exams, isolated from my friends, and then my elderly parents started experiencing declining health and I couldn’t be there for them enough. More guilt. Menopause symptoms weren’t helping either!

I struggled on

I felt the pressure of the relentless pace which I’d always enjoyed, but gradually I started doubting I could keep it all together. I’d always been calm, quick-thinking and often called ‘a safe pair of hands’, but I didn’t think I was living up to that. I struggled on hoping something would magically change – when we hit that next milestone it would improve, when we got more staff I’d have more capacity, when this, when that, but of course it never happened. 

The circumstances I was in, and had designed through my choices, eventually found me

  • experiencing palpitations and my first ever panic attacks,
  • feeling continuously exhausted but unable to sleep,
  • having ‘brain fog’ which made made quick decision-making a real challenge,
  • feeling constantly on edge, wishing that I could bolt out of the nearest door.

I eventually accepted I wasn’t ‘functioning normally’ (or my version of it, anyway!) and knew I would have to do something about it quickly when the panic attacks happened. They were frightening.

It was a serious wake-up call and changed everything for me.

I made the decision to leave the corporate world and to explore a different way. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I knew it was the right decision as I’d been close to burnout.

Whilst I regained my own strength, I built on my knowledge of how the mind works, where our resilience comes from and more. I studied NLP, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Alignment and more, and established my business.

Then I came across another approach –  a relatively new approach to psychology based on the discoveries of a man called Sydney Banks that changed everything at a deeper level for me and underpins everything that I now offer my clients.

Why I do what I do

With a diverse background both professionally and personally, I’ve got an unusual and unique blend of things that I use creatively to support my clients to get the results they desire.

But the bottom line is that I do this because I love it! I really can’t explain how great it feels to witness people understand where their experience in life is truly coming from and how they can change it – often with far greater ease than they might expect.

I am now on a mission to empower people to form a new understanding of their emotions, to live life fully in the feeling of confidence and free of anxiety. 

Who knows, it may create a ripple effect through their family, businesses or organisations where they work. It has mine!

Whether working with individuals, groups or organisations, I help people find the skills to show up feeling calm, confident and free of anxiety inside.

If you are intrigued then go ahead and book a free call to experience this powerful approach. It can start now….!