Corporate Training and Workshops

For work teams or groups who are struggling with an issue that is affecting confidence, team dynamics, performance or relationships

Is it time to address a gap in your own or your team’s knowledge, skills or confidence through training?

Discover the range of training opportunities I offer to address personal or work-based issues.

Group workshops and programmes:

Places on these training events can be individually or block-booked by a group. They may be:

  • in-depth, one-off sessions, or
  • a tailored program or series of sessions to give the group time to assimilate the content and maintain momentum with progress.

I tailor my training approaches and the design of sessions to match the outcomes you want to achieve for the group and any stated additional requirements or needs they may have. I will produce a proposal based on our discussions during development.

Group training workshops can be on specialist/ work related specialist topics, or personal development topics.

Workshop topics include:

  • the essence of self-confidence,
  • organisational and project skills,
  • group training and/or presentation skills,
  • stress undressed – what’s really going on,
  • change in the work setting,
  • re-purposing your team or life……

Group training sessions are held at a suitable venue or may be online. Both the venue and the length of a programme will depend on your requirements and goals.

I’d be delighted to discuss what is required without any obligation.

Contact me to find out more or to arrange a call.

Online training and coaching packages

Contact me for further information.

One day events and weekend retreats:

Places on these can be individually or block-booked by a group.

I work alone or in partnership with other professionals and experts in their field to offer specialised training and personal development events. Dependent on the event theme, there will be focused time for delegates to address the issues that require attention, sometimes with one-to-one coaching sessions built in.

Next Steps to Get Started

Step 1

Book in for an Exploratory call. Let’s see what you are hoping to achieve and which course or programme will meet your or your organisation’s needs.

Step 2

We’ll arrange to discuss further as required.


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